Rules Mumble server rules

These rules apply to both the public side and the private side of the server
Admins: ReekyMarko, Totuus Sattuu, Neponen, Kaiku


1. No spamming


2. No advertising


3. No constant swearing, bullying, trolling or flaming


4. Attempts to hack, attack or in any way modify the server without permission will not be tolerated. Instant ban will follow


5. If an admin asks you to do/stop doing something, obey. If they they want mute or kick/ban you, they have the power to do so


6. Take the time to correctly setup your mic in audio wizard. Nobody wants to hear your heavy breathing


7. Use the correct channel for what you’re doing (e.g. “The Lounge” for chatting and “League of Legends” to play LoL)


8. Contact the server owner at (or one of the admins online at the server) if you want to register, see any activity not allowed in the rules or if you have any questions or information in general


9. Using the music bot
  • If you don’t know how to use the music bot, ask someone first
  • Send commands to the bot via private messages, so everyone’s text-to-speech isn’t yelling all the time
  • Sometimes when the bot has been in idle for a long time, it will not work correctly, in this situation contact one of the admins to restart it