This is the site you are currently browsing. It was originally run as a plain HTML site, but I just found it to be too much work for me to keep it up and running, so I’ve since migrated it over to the great, and of course open source, website building tool WordPress. This just enables me to create a more appealing website with more features, much more easily.


This is what started it all, I wanted to host a voip server for me and my friends and I decided to use the open source solution Mumble. And what a great decision it was: over a year and a couole of server migrations later the server is still running like a champ, with basically zero downtime!

The server has both public and private channels. The private side of the server is only for me and my friends, but the public channels are free for anyone to use, so feel free to connect and start chatting with your friends! (info about connecting here)

P.S. I still have some bandwidth left over so if you would like to admin your own private set of channels on my server, please see the contact section of this webpage for more information on how to contact me.


Nextcloud is a cloud file server, which acts pretty much like Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive. A clear advantage that Nextcloud has to these commercial services is that it’s open source. This means that it’s up to the community to take the service forwards and add new features to it. Luckily, the Nextcloud community seems to be very strong in numbers, so new features and bugfixes are added very quickly! In addition to that, the data sits safely on your own server. This means that Google or Microsoft etc. can’t scan your data to personalize ads to you and in general, spy on you.

This service is, for now, due to it’s focus on privacy, only for me, my friends and my family. If you have an account on my Nextcloud, you can sign in by following this link.


The newest addition to the fleet of ReekyNET services is YOURLS. It’s an open source project to create Your Own URL Shortener. It was really easy to set up, and the end result is that you get an URL shortener for your own domain name, free of charge with goodies such as click statistics and custom bookmarklets. This service is free for anyone to use, but please do not use it to perform anything shady or illegal, or I will take it down. You can reach it by clicking on this link.


 More information about the makers of these wonderful applications below:


By the way, the fact that still keeps amazing me today is that all of the above is running from a single server from the closet of  my student apartment!