Linux Adventures – Introduction

This the start of my blog, Linux Adventures, where I will talk about my endeavours in the Linux world. I have been using Linux more or less for the last 6 months, but during the fall of 2016, I ditched Windows almost completely for Linux. This blog will include stuff like fixes to the problems I encounter in my day to day living with Linux and just generally useful (and fun) tips and tricks regarding Linux. My distro of choice is Arch Linux, so my main focus here will be that. I’m also running Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi so from time to time, I might post stuff related to Raspberry Pi and Debian/Raspbian also.

I will not be posting regularly, because my life is currently very hectic. I’ll try to post as often as I can, when I find something to post about.

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New server is finally finished!

Hello again! And sorry for taking so long to make the first post, I was really busy with school this fall.

I started to move my services from my trusty Raspberry Pi to a new server I bought from a school sale a while ago, a long while ago. Actually it’s been nearly two months. When I first got the server, I decided to run Arch Linux on it, because all of my other PC’s run it already (so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth from e.g. Debian/Ubuntu to Arch). This might have been part of the reason why the transition took so long, but it mainly was because I got too busy with school and other areas of my life.

First order of business was getting Mumble to run on the new server, because my friends are using it daily and really depend on it. This was easy enough, I just copied the configuration file (/etc/mumble.ini) and the database file (/var/lib/mumble-server/mumble-server.sqlite) to the new server. For those interested in a more detailed guide, I followed this guide.

Next I set up WordPress, which was a simple copy/paste job from the old server to the new. Then I started to transfer my Nextcloud instance, and this is where things got tricky. Setting up the PHP and database modules in Debian and Arch Linux differ quite drastically. After lots of trial and error, I got frustrated and just left the server as is, with just Mumble and WordPress working.

Fast forward to about a two weeks a go, I decided to continue my efforts on getting Nextcloud operational. This is where I realised the crucial mistake I made last time, I forgot to check the trusty Arch Wiki! There I found a detailed guide on what modules to enable in the Apache config to get everything up and running, so this was basically a matter of following it step by step to make sure all of the needed modules were enabled and BAAAM! I had a working cloud again 🙂

After a week of living happily with my fully operational Arch server, we decided to make a webpage for my roommate, nicknamed teaddict. This webpage would also host an application that he wrote, that summarizes Turkish text. This was totally new to me, since the application was deployed using Tomcat, which I have never used before. Because of my lack of knownledge on this matter, teaddict did almost all of the setup required for Tomcat, and I helped him to use Arch Linux, because he didn’t have any prior experience on using it. All in all, I think we both learned a bunch of stuff on web server management and Arch Linux, so I think it was a win-win situation for both of us. If you want to check out teaddicts page (proudly hosted by me :P), follow this link. The summary application can be accessed by clicking the link “Metin Özetleme Servisi” in the front page.

Stay tuned for more adventures in the Linux world! I promise I will try to make posts more frequently in the future 🙂

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